Cats for adoption

Also check out the cats in our nursery whom are not old enough to find news homes yet, or our barn cat program for cats who are not as friendly with humans as the others

This is a list of all the kitties and cats we currently have for adoption


Barn Cat program


Olaf was a rescue kitten. He was surrendered to us because the owner could not afford the vet bills that would be incurred. Olaf was a very sick little boy. We spend a month working with our vet to get him healthy. We spent $2000 on him to try to get him healthy. Despite all interventions, little Olaf was only getting worse, day by day. His red blood cell count, white blood cell count, and platelet count continued to drop. He was losing the battle. We made a tough decision, one that we never want to make again. We had to, for Olaf's sake, euthanize him. It was the most humane thing we could do.
It is in Olaf's memory that we started this rescue. There are so many cats and kittens that never get a chance at a good life. We are here to give them that chance.
We have a vet for the rescue now, instead of using the emergency hospital.


Please contact us for inquires on either Facebook or by Email.



Gordie was found where the new Gordie Howe International Bridge is being built. He is a suave looking cat , and is a muted orange. He is a bit spicey but with the right family he will make a wonderful pet.



Squirrlley is a spayed female who was incredibly spicey when she first arrived in the rescue. Today she is a sweet natured little girl about 2 yrs old who is a wonderful lap cat



Noodle is a sweet kitty, however she has a lot of separation anxiety. She would be best adopted with another cat. Sammi is one of our cats up for adoption that she really loves!





Molly is a loving, friendly cat, when she is by herself. She absolutely adores humans, however she does not like to live in a house with other animals. She is most suited to a home where she is the only animal.











Honey is the mama to Willow, Spruce and Juniper. She is spicy but learning to trust. She has a cataract in her right eye. Other than that she is very healthy and is spayed.





This sweet girl is Pansy. She was part of Sandra Garafalo's TNR. Sandra realized that she could be , with a little time and patience, a perfect indoor cat. She had her spayed and brought her to us. She has turned into a sweet kitty. She does not like snuggles, however , on her terms, she will come lay beside you, and accept your pets. Given more time she will end up being a lap kitty I am sure. She is a calico with more white than other colours. She gets along well with other cats.



Sammi is a sweet girl who just likes to hang out with you. She is shy however, she does enjoy pets on her terms! Sammi will lay beside you on the couch rather than on your lap.



Jack and Jill started life outside and now have acclimated to a wonderful life indoors. They are shy, playful with other kittens, and will need time to warm up to a forever family. Once they trust you, they will be lifelong companions



Finnegan is very sweet, however very very shy. He does run away from new people, and it takes him a while to warm up to you, however once he learns to trust you he will be a life long partner.



Creampuff is Cannoli's sister. Unlike her sister, she is very shy and skittish and takes a lot longer to warm up to you. She is super soft like her sister though!



My name is Toni. I am still very shy and Covid-19 hasn't helped me come out of my shell. However if you give me time, and lots of love and food, I will get there. I am about a year old



Oreo is a sweet 10 month old rehabbed feral. He has been neutered.
He came to us totally feral, hiding behind his sister when we tried to get close. Today he is still shy, However with some hard work he will be a loving addition to any caring family.
He needs his own forever home.



My name is Holly. I am still a work in progress. I do like my foster Dad, and I shy away from my foster Mom and my foster sisters. I would do very well in a house with no other animals so I can learn to trust you and depend on you. I am still just a baby , I think I am about 9 months old.



This is Seamus (pronounced Shay mus ) . He is the only boy that Brighid had that arrived to Olaf's. He is also the biggest kitten of the litter. He has short and medium hair in his coat and has a long fluffy tail. He loves to play hard, so be careful of your hands when playing with him. He sleeps just as hard after playing.



Peter is the son of Beatrix. He is aprox 16 weeks old, and not fixed yet.



Charmin is aprox 10 weeks old. He is not fixed. He is a long haired cat, potentially a maine coon mix, who will need a lot of brushing.

Since we are a non for profit organization, we ask that people support us by making donations.All money we get through donations goes to things the cats need, such as cat food (wet and dry), kitten milk replacement, cat litter, vet bills, ect. Absolutely nothing we get is pocketed.If you are uncomfortable with donating money, we have a list below of all the items we constantly use here at the rescue.Thank you all in advance for the support you have shown Olaf's.

  • Kirkland Dry Catfood (from Costco)

  • Friskies Pate Variety Pack or Shredded

  • Any brand of Cat Litter

  • Pet Lac (Kitten Milk Replacement)